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GCE O-Levels

GCE O-Level is worldly renound course by Cambridge. In this section, the students of Cambridge Stream will find learning resources for the GCE O-Levels studies. The resources includes, Syllabus of various subjects, Past Papers with / without solution, Guidelines and tips for the students to achieve A* in the final exams of O-Levels. A self testing mechanism specially developed by Green Education has been incorporated to provide an opportunity to the students to check the progress of their exam preparations with immediate feedback in the shape of results and weak areas in their study. However the students are advised to first complete their preparations  from the recommended textbooks, and use the websites to check and practice the progress of their preparations. Perhaps, self testing mechanism provide a very good measure of practice and evaluation tool.

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Physics Biology
Chemistry Add Maths
Maths Economics

Past Paper

Summer 2013

Biology               Paper – 1               Paper – 2

Physics              Paper – 1                Paper – 2             Paper – 4

Chemistry          Paper – 1               Paper – 2

Learning Guide & Exam Tips

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